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We will close our advice line to conduct a much needed update of our office phone system on Friday, 25 june 2021. We will attempt to get back to everybody who has already left a message and is waiting for a call back as soon as possible. For information please refer to our factsheets or […]

The Tenants’ Union of Tasmania is not for profit organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of residential tenants. This involves, amongst other things, lobbying government for legislative change, speaking to the media, and providing legaleducation to the community, but our primary function is to provide tenants with free legal advice and representation. Specifically, we focus […]

Two weeks ago we wrote to the three major political parties to enquire how they – if elected – would better protect residential tenants and tackle the growing crisis of housing shortage and unaffordability in Tasmania. Here is what they have answered in a nutshell. The original and unabridged responses from each respondent can be […]

The State Election is fast approaching. We have written to the ALP, Tasmanian Greens and Liberal Party with our election asks (enclosed) including: commit to building 10,000 public housing properties over the next decade; and  repeal no reason end of lease evictions; and limit rent increases to CPI and/or a fixed percentage; and remove the ability […]

Our Services


We offer telephone advice statewide and face-to-face advice in three locations, Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

Legal Representation

Our solicitors and tenancy workers can advise you on how to present your case if you need to go to Court, and in certain circumstances can represent you in Court with your tenancy matter.

Tenancy Education & Training

We teach about residential tenancy in Tasmania. Any interested group. Introduction to Advanced. Face-to-face and soon online.

Purchasing Leases

We sell leases that comply with Tasmanian residential tenancy law. They can be purchased in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

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