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Mainstream wisdom has it that the tax break for landlords known as negative gearing is also good for tenants.  After all, lower landlord costs equal lower rents, right?  And if that’s not true, then at least it has expanded the amount of rental housing, resulting in lower rents, yeah?  In 2011, our friends at The […]

Amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act are due to come into effect from July 1st 2014 according to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.  The amendments feature the introduction of minimum standards, along with many other changes.  The Tenants’ Union supports the timetable for implementation and calls on all political parties to commit […]

The 2nd Edition of our guide to renting in Tasmania is now available for download and is in print.  Don’t Panic is a 36 page summary of residential tenancy in Tasmania and it has updated information on: Applying for Properties Bond Rent Charges Repairs & Maintenance Privacy Ending a Tenancy Boarding Premises plus a new section […]

Many tenants and housing workers have been asking for a summary of the changes to the Residential Tenancy Act that were passed by the Tasmanian Parliament in September, so here they are.  We can’t stress enough that these rules are have not come into effect yet. There has been no announcement about a commencement date […]

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We offer telephone advice statewide and face-to-face advice in three locations, Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

Legal Representation

Our solicitors and tenancy workers can advise you on how to present your case if you need to go to Court, and in certain circumstances can represent you in Court with your tenancy matter.

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We teach about residential tenancy in Tasmania. Any interested group. Introduction to Advanced. Face-to-face and soon online.

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We sell leases that comply with Tasmanian residential tenancy law. They can be purchased in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

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