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There are currently 57,762 rental households in Tasmania. Our core business is to provide information, advice and representation to renters when issues regarding their homes arise. In the financial year 2022/23 we helped a total of 3,889 renters.

We also advocate for systemic change to strengthen the rights and living conditions of renters. In 2015 Tasmania was the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce minimum standards. Since then, our legislation has fallen behind other jurisdictions on many issues such as no-ground evictions, rent controls and pets. Last financial year, we provided six submissions to relevant governing bodies and raised and discussed rental issues in the media 110 times.

Finally, we source, research and provide data to better understand Tasmania’s residential housing market and provide solutions to increase both the supply and affordability of rental homes. In 2022/23 we published four Tasmanian Rents reports, new data on empty homes as well as Meet the Hosts – An analysis of short stay accommodation permit data in the HCC.

Our core funding comes from the State and Commonwealth Governments. However, our funding is less than half that received per rental household of any other State or Territory in Australia.  

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We are a registered charitable organisation and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.