Fact Sheets


Here’s the quick low down on water and sewerage bills:

  • Water and sewerage bills should be sent to the landlord or agent not the tenant, as this service remains in the owner’s name.
  • The landlord/agent may only pass on the metered (water used) component of the bill to the tenant.
  • The tenant is entitled to see a copy of the water bill before paying the amount to the landlord
  • The metered component can only be passed on to the tenant if the meter is not shared with any other property.
  • The metered component can only be passed on to the tenant when that tenant(s) have been the only occupant during the billing period or the meter was read when there was a change of occupants.

According to the Act tenants are not responsible for the whole bill, even if the lease agreement says that they are.  If tenants need advice on this issue contact the Tenants’ Union.

Homes Tasmania tenants do not presently pay water and sewerage costs directly.




DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not legal advice. It is intended as a guide only. It applies only to legislation current in Tasmania as at 19 March 2018. For information regarding a specific tenancy problem please phone the Tenants’ Union on 1300 652 641 or (03) 6223 2641. The Tenants’ Union of Tasmania Inc. accepts no responsibility for actions based on this information, nor for actions based on electronic translations of this.

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