Two weeks ago we published our state election asks and sent questionnaires to the four major parties as well as independent candidates with a focus on housing. Here is where they stand in response to our state election asks 2024: Find the detailed responses below: Tasmanian Liberals Tasmanian Labor Tasmanian Greens Jacqui Lambie Network Kristie […]

Do you like our work? You can now make a small (or large) donation to help us do more of it! There are currently 57,762 rental households in Tasmania. Our core business is to provide information, advice and representation to renters when issues regarding their homes arise. In the financial year 2022/23 we helped a […]

In just over three weeks Tasmanians are heading to the polls to elect a new Government. We have written to all parties likely to have representation as well as some independents who have focussed on housing to respond to the nine policies we believe are crucial to improve housing availability, affordability and security for renters. […]

After two quarters of the weighted median rent index decreasing in the South, the December 2023 quarter saw rents increase everywhere bar the North West, where rents decreased by $2. We might be seeing the return of the annual curve of rents peaking in the March quarter, then declining in the June quarter, staying subdued […]

The Tenants’ Union of Tasmania receives the least funding of any tenant advocacy service in Australia. From the State and Commonwealth Governments we receive $7.83 per rental household compared to $14.94 in Queensland, $16.34 in the Northern Territory, $16.46 in New South Wales and $19.08 in Victoria. Yesterday, in a submission to the Department of Treasury […]

Our Annual Report for the financial year 2022/23 is now available on our website. The report includes information about our organisation, services, advocacy projects as well as financial statements. You will also find statistics on renting in Tasmania from de-identified information provided by our telephone advice clients. Find the full report below, or along with […]

Rents in the South continue to decrease, albeit not as significantly as last quarter, causing the statewide index to drop as well.  It’s the first time since September 2012 that rents in the South or statewide have decreased for two consecutive quarters, both times by around 5 per cent.  Overall changes, both up and down […]

We have provided a submission to the Inquiry into Energy Prices in Tasmania. Our submission calls for improved energy efficiency minimum standards in Tasmania (like insulation and energy efficient appliances) as has already occurred in other Australian jurisdictions. 

Along with Shelter Tasmania and TasCOSS we have written to all members of the Legislative Council calling on them to support window coverings being mandated in the bedroom/s and main living area of all social housing properties.

Along with TasCOSS we have written to all members of the House of Assembly calling on them to support  window coverings being mandated in the bedroom/s and main living area of all social housing properties.  Read the letter below.