Archives: February 2022

Rents are rising at an increasing rate and hit new heights in the December 2021 quarter, with remote areas seeing the biggest increases. We have recorded a trifecta of infamous firsts: Tasmanian weighted median rents are over $400 for the first time; The median rent for a 3-bedroom property in Hobart City hit the $600 […]

Last week we released data that there were 563 empty homes across the Hobart, Glenorchy and Launceston municipalities and may be up to 2000 empty homes across Tasmania. In response, the Government questioned the data on the basis that it may include “vacant lots, houses under construction or in the planning phase”. TasWater have since […]

Every week it seems like there is another media story of someone crying out for a roof over their head or worried about unsustainable rent increases. Over the last five years, rents across Greater Hobart have increased by 45 per cent and the number of people waiting on our social housing waiting list has blown […]