Census 2016: Tasmanian Local Council Areas

The 2016 Census showed that the lowest rents in Tasmania were found in the Flinders and Central Highlands Councils ($100), while the highest median rents were in the Hobart ($290) and Kingborough ($300) council areas. Kingborough’s most expensive title is in part due to its high propertion of large houses and low percentage of units.

All Tasmanian Local Government Areas have lower rents than the Australian median rent.

Note that rents reported by the Census tend to be lower than rents in other publications. This is because the Census reports all rents not just new rents, and because the Census collects data on public rents (Housing Tasmania properties), as well as community and private rents. As an example of the difference, the 2016 Census median rent for Tasmania was $230, whereas the June 2016 Tasmanian Rents median rent for Tasmania was $40 higher at $270.

Even though rent increases fell dramatically when compared with the first decade of the millennium, Tasmania still managed to have a median rent increase of 15% between the 2011 Census and 2016 Census, a figure that outstripped the inflation rate of 9.5%. Only 4 of the 29 Local Government Areas increased by less than inflation.

Below are further Tasmanian Local Government Area rental statistics including:

Rentals:                the number of residential rental properties
% Rentals:            residential rental properties as a percentage of total residential properties
Rent to Income:  median rent as a percentage of median household income (Crude Rental Affordability Index)