Census 2016: State and Capital City Comparison

Tasmania continues to have the lowest rents of any state or territory according to the 2016 ABS Census.  There are also no surprises at the expensive end with New South Wales and the ACT being the most unaffordable.
Note: Rents reported by the Census tend to be lower than rents in other publications. This is because the Census reports all rents not just new rents, and because the Census collects data on public rents (government owned properties), as well as community and private rents. To highlight the difference, the 2016 Census median rent for Tasmania was $230, whereas the June 2016 Tasmanian Rents median rent for Tasmania was $40 higher at $270.

However, despite the lowest rents, Tasmania also has the lowest capacity to pay. Indeed the median household income for Tasmania is only just over half of the ACT and NT.

And when combining these two tables to find how much household income is spent on rent, Tasmania ends up the third most affordable on the Crude Rental Affordability Index. Again there are no surprises to find New South Wales as the most unaffordable state.

The Capital City figures show a very similar story, with Hobart having the lowest rent, lowest household income, and being the third most affordable capital according to the Crude Rental Affordability Index.