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In our Don’t Panic booklet we stated that tenants facing unreasonable rent increases could seek a review with the Residential Tenancy Commissioner instead of, as previously, with the Magistrates Court.

This information unfortunately failed to mention the transitional period, which is prescribed in the Act and led to a number of reviews being sought from Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, which includes the Residential Tenancy Commissioner.

Tenants, who hold leases entered into after 1 October 2014 will be able to request a review of a proposed rent increase that they believe is unreasonable with the Residential Tenancy Commissioner. Please use the generic online form on the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading website.

However, tenants on leases, entered prior to 1 October 2014 will still have to apply to the Magistrates Court to dispute unreasonable rent increases. To do so download Form RT02 here. In the section ‘Orders Sought’ tick ‘other’ and write ‘unreasonable rent increase pursuant to section 23 of the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (Tas)’. Alternatively, come in to the Tenants’ Union and we will be able to assist you.

This transitional period has ended on 1 October 2015. After that date ALL tenants will be able to request the Residential Tenancy Commissioner to review unreasonable rent increases.

Unfortunately, our Don’t Panic booklet failed to acknowledge the transitional period at our first attempt and we apologise for any inconvenience. In the meantime we have updated the Don’t Panic booklet and advised our staff and volunteers in regard to the correct dates as above.