Suggested Tenancy Quality Standards

The following standards are based on the Minimum Housing and Health Standards of Alberta, Canada.  Additions from the Tenants’ Union are in italics.


1.  Housing premises are structurally sound, in a safe condition, in good repair, and maintained in waterproof, windproof and weatherproof condition.

  • Property must be free from damp, mould
  • The housing premises must be structurally sound
  • The roof and exterior cladding of walls shall be maintained in good repair, free of cracks and weatherproof
  • All windows and exterior doors shall be in good repair, free of cracks and be weatherproof.
  • Exterior windows and doors shall be fitted with locking devices
  • Inside or outside stairs or porches including all treads, risers, supporting structural members, rails guards and balconies shall be maintained in good repair
  • All rooms shall be provided with adequate ventilation
  • All walls, windows, ceilings, floors and floor coverings shall be maintained in good repair, free of cracks, holes, loose or lifting coverings and in condition that is easy to clean


2.  Equipment and Furnishings – Occupants of housing premises must be supplied with adequate; sanitary facilities, heat, potable water, utilities and space for sleeping.

  • The plumbing system and drainage system must be maintained in proper operating condition
  • Every housing premise must be provided with plumbing fixtures consisting of a toilet, a washbasin and a bath or shower.
  • Properties to be supplied with energy efficient heating facilities – all heating facilities to be properly installed and maintained in good working condition
  • Every house to be supplied with an adequate, consistent potable water supply
  • Every house to be supplied with energy efficient electrical service – outlets, switches and fixtures to be properly maintained in good and safe working condition
  • Property to be fitted with an electrical safety switches.
  • Smoke alarms should be hard wired and operational at all times
  • Public hallways or stairways to be adequately lit at all times
  • Every house must be fitted with food preparation facilities including – kitchen sink, supplied with potable hot and cold water, a fridge and freezer, and a suitable stove with grill and oven that is fully functioning
  • Every house must have adequate number of containers suitable for storage of garbage and refuse awaiting disposal.

 3.  The owner shall ensure that all rooms and other areas are provided in a clean and sanitary condition

  • Property to be free of insect and rodent infestation