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At the Tenants’ Union we deal with people on a daily basis experiencing difficulties with their tenancies. We explain the law, advocate on behalf of our clients and represent clients in court.

One of our less well-known strategies to assist tenants is to get them a lawyer before they need one.

Tenants’ Union solicitor Alex Bomford travels the state conducting Community Legal Education (CLE) sessions, which aim to increase community awareness and understanding of our residential tenancy laws.

We believe that imparting knowledge in this area contributes towards housing security, improves relationships between landlords and tenants and builds stronger communities.

CLE sessions are available to anyone: tenants, housing and social workers, students and the general community.

A CLE session typically includes:

  • A presentation that guides the audience through what the law governing tenancies is;
  • Example scenarios;
  • A question and answer session with the solicitor; and
  • Providing pamphlets that summarise the law and contain salient contact details.

However, we are happy to tailor the program to the needs of your organisation or community.

We have a specific program for young people and are experienced in accommodating difficulties with English, disabilities and mental illness and other special characteristics.

For enquiries and further information please contact Alex by phone on 6223 2591 or by email at